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Podcasts with Roz

  • Danny Gregory and I Discuss Visual Journaling
    Sadly a two part podcast from May 2008 made with Danny Gregory, author of "An Illustrated Life," is not currently available. We talked about journaling, art media, and materials…If this becomes available again in the future I will let you know.
  • Finding Bits of Time
    Ricë Freeman-Zachery, author of "Creative Time and Space," talks to me about finding time to be creative. (Taped October 23, 2009.)

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    Visit my website to view journal selections, paintings, and book arts projects. For the most recent information on classes and workshops please click on "Classes" in the categories list of this blog.


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I am an urban dweller who seeks out nature in my surroundings. My paintings—realistic in style, mixed in media—grow out of my life-long practice of journal keeping. I work as a graphic designer, illustrator, and book artist. I teach classes in bookbinding and journaling at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis, as well as a variety of other art related classes at different locations. Please check the "classes" category in the category cloud in the left column.

I do a lot of experimentation with art materials and paper. It's how I work as an artist. It informs how I teach.

I purchase the materials that I experiment with and am not affiliated with any art materials company. I do not make any income from the sales of any art products I discuss.

My loyalty is to my work and how I can change it, improve it, and attain the goals I've set for making the type of art I want to make.

My process is also focused on discovering and reporting accurate information for my students, and updating that information when I'm made aware of newer information.

On the rare occasion I am given art materials to test I make a full disclosure, but I am still going to say exactly what I found in my testing and experiments.

All artists work differently. I try to point out as many aspects of a product I'm testing as I can. What I find unsuitable in workability in a product, for instance, may be just the working property for another artist's working method.

I want to encourage people to experiment and find what works for them and their unique artistic viewpoint.

I am a life-long journal keeper and it is my goal to encourage others to observe and record the world around them.


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