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Interviews with Roz

  • Urban Sketchers: Sketching Animals Wild and Familiar
    An article in Outdoor Painter (PleinAir Magazine) about how I love to sketch animals in the city, at the Minnesota State Fair, at zoos, and so on.
  • Roz at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair
    Minnesota Public Radio reporter Tracy Mumford interviewed me for the Faces of the Fair series.
  • Second "Design Recharge" Interview: April 1, 2015
    In this second interview with Diane Gibbs at "Design Recharge" we focus on International Fake Journal Month. If you're wondering just what that is, I give a great description of it, and why you might want to participate. Also check out our earlier interview (below on this list) if you want more information about how I approach visual journaling.
  • First "Design Recharge" Interview: February 12, 2015
    Diane Gibbs of Design Recharge interviewed me for International Fake Journal Month (2015). We get a little side tracked and talk a lot about sketching, visual journaling, and my creative process. It's a great interview.
  • Strata Interview with Roz Stendahl
    T. Meyers asked some fun questions in this interview of me on Strata.
  • What Is Gouache?
    Danny Gregory and I discuss gouache. Watch the 14 minute interview and then check out the images and text in Danny's blog post.
  • A Conversation with Danny Gregory: An Illustrated Journey
    Danny Gregory chats with me about my approach to visual journaling. One in a series of interviews he did with artists he included in his fantastic book—"An Illustrated Journey."

Podcasts with Roz

  • Danny Gregory and I Discuss Visual Journaling
    Sadly a two part podcast from May 2008 made with Danny Gregory, author of "An Illustrated Life," is not currently available. We talked about journaling, art media, and materials…If this becomes available again in the future I will let you know.
  • Finding Bits of Time
    Ricë Freeman-Zachery, author of "Creative Time and Space," talks to me about finding time to be creative. (Taped October 23, 2009.)
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